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There is nothing going on. Not really. I’ve been nesting like I was in my third trimester, but I’m not even pregnant. Nope, this nesting, I’ve decided, is more like I’m in my third trimester OF LIFE. I think I’m more affected than I’ve realized from the car accident, house robbery and the recent sudden death of a dear friend. It’s left me feeling like there is NO TIME and I’m desperately trying to – I don’t know what – clean out all but my most meaningful possessions that I would want to tell some kind of story about me after I’m gone. The blue sweater I’ve had since high school, but never wear because it is stretched out like a potato sack has GOT to go. No special meaning there, except in the lesson that if it can’t survive the dryer I should never have bought it in the first place.

Though I’m on a self-imposed spending freeze since Christmas (aren’t we all), I have become addicted to Etsy and am constantly looking for items that are ME and reflect where I think my sense of style is today. (Of course, I use the excuse of finding meaningful gifts FOR OTHERS as reasoning to log on and start shopping there.)

I find I’m influenced a lot by Heather over at Dooce, though her style is very modern and I only like to do modern in moderation. I am a Pottery Barn girl at heart. I love that Heather shows us what trinkets make her heart go pitter patter in her Daily Style section and it’s why I started my This Joys Stuff: What Brings You Joy? blog, but I’ve not been very good about updating it. And since I’m on a spending freeze right now, I mostly just saving things to my favorites in Etsy and hope that they sell before I come back and hit the “pay now” button.

Here are some of my etsy favorites at this point in time:

Nebula Mobile, in Kaleidoscope by thewonderlandstudio

Rainy Day Print by blancucha

Kiwi Conundrum (Set of 5 mini-notecards) by time2cre8

Carnival Sampler by Carnival

Deep Blue Bracelet by enticements

2009 Wall Calendar by Sugarcube Design

Soon, I’ll try to share a couple of items that I have hit the “pay now” button on (shhh, don’t tell Chad).

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