Britain’s Got Talent

Last night, my dad emailed me this video, which Clara and I have been watching over and over and over again! I think Clara has a new role model, someone she can really relate to in ‘ittle Connie Talbot:

Then, I had to see if she won the show for 2007 and she didn’t! I was surprised that someone could beat a 6 year old who can sing like THAT. So, I went on to find out who did win and fell in love with Paul Potts:

Did you see the way he was standing by the end! It’s Death of a Salesman meets Pavarotti! Two of my favorite things rolled into one Paul Potts. He’s gone on to make quite a name for himself in Brittan now.

Clara prefers to see the chidren, though, so I found Paul Pott’s mini-me in Andrew Johnston. Such an awesome story and wait ’til you hear what comes out of his mouth:

Finally, because Clara loves to dance so much, I found this boy for her. He’s George Sampson, who only made it through the first round in 2007:

Only to come back and win it in 2008 (Simon says, “Told you so”):

Dude. Britain’s GOT talent!

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