On the 7th anniversary of the event, here are the thoughts I wrote in my journal around that time back in 2001:

Four days after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in D.C. There are so many emotions and they flow nationwide. Each individual feels as though she were personally assaulted. [My cousin] Dixie was the only family I had that was in serious immediate danger. So, even I can understand, to a degree, the feelings and fear that go along with those who had friends and family actually killed or injured there. Dixie is fine, thank goodness, although she is surely feeling the distress of all of this.

It is hard to go on with normal life when so much of my time is spent “working for a living” and not really living. But these things must be done and that is why we have to make choices about how we use each free minute. This [event] is so close to home for us in America who can so easily push all the ugliness of the world aside and live solely in our own lives. I want a house, to decorate it and to be with my family. These are the things I work for. But the reality is clear that the world, my world, could change in an instant to one where we are literally fighting for our freedom and must give up our time, goals and maybe lives for a “greater cause.” So, it is important to put those things we want in perspective, to monitor how worth our energy and time they really are and, just as important, to really appreciate it when we do finally acquire them.

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