A Day In The Country

My BFF Nicole came down with her 8 month old Brayden to visit us in Fortson. We met at Callaway Gardens to explore the Butterfly House, then came down to a pumpkin patch near my parents home. It was a great day and I tried to capture it all on film.

Unfortunately, the batteries wanted to die in my camera so we duked it out all afternoon with me trying to buy batteries from every gift shop we came by (all of them sold out!) and then trying to buy batteries off folks at the sights who had cameras. Long story short (too late!) – I fought the camera and I won.

My other biggest challenge was Brayden himself. This kid moves! He doesn’t walk just yet, but he crawls and he bounces and he flails. He shimmys and he shakes. If there is space to wiggle, he does. So, I do realize there are crazy amount of pictures of this cutie-wootie pie in my post considering he’s not a blood relation. But, I worked HARD to get these shots, so I’m sharin’!

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