A Kid in the Office Supply Store

What is it about office supplies that get my blood pumping? I do become the proverbial “kid in a candy store” as soon as I walk through the doors of my favorite office supply venues. You’d better believe it is one of the first questions I was asking the locals when I arrived in Dublin “Excuse me, where do you go to get office supplies around here?” There is something about a new version of a product – a pen, a notebook – that makes my eyes light up at the possibilities of what I might organize and create with them.

At home, I’m tired of the Staples and Office Depots. Same old stuff. There is nothing there to inspire me to reorganize my life, to finally create and maintain a budget, to manage my recipe collection in an organized fashion. But here in Ireland the dream is alive again! I’ve been spending a disproportionate amount of time in Reads, Dublin’s local office supply store, to the amount of sightseeing I should be doing. (I may be like my father that way. I remember one time bringing some friends to the house and he gave everyone a pen. Just some he’d picked up on his last visit to Office Max. I was sure happy to get it, but my friends may have thought it a bit odd. I’m not sure why. . .)

It’s sad, I know, but as soon as I hit the pen aisle my heart skips a beat. New barrels, new colors – which one will go home with me? I came to Ireland with two pens and a pencil and now there must be about a dozen lying around the apartment at any given time. It’s all the little differences that make Reads such a treat for me. First off, the standard printer paper size here is “A4” which is 8.27” by 11.67” so the paper is slightly longer and skinnier than our standard 8.5 x11. Notebooks and hole punchers have two rings/holes, not three. Index cards come in 3×5, 4×6 and 4.14 x 11.67. They’re like panoramic index cards. How crazy is that?!

And the paper aisle – don’t even get me started! They have notebook paper pre-designed for every activity you can imagine from “manuscripts” to “business studies” (which is like a checkbook register), “music composition”, primary school writing with big spacing, “math studies” with graph paper and “science studies” to name just a few. There are even rental log books to help you manage your rental properties, I kid you not! The list really does go on and on.

So, you see, I’ve found heaven in Ireland and it’s at Reads on Nassau St in Dublin.

5 Responses to “A Kid in the Office Supply Store”

  1. teeljay6 Says:

    Hey Joy – it’s Teresa. Is it weird that I totally get this? I love office supply stores. Not because I AM organized but because they hold the promise that if I buy the right folders, labels, bins, I WILL be organized. I love them!

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Speak on it, girl! I hear ya! :>

  3. Carrie Howell Says:

    I LOVE looking at pens and paper. I think I could spend hours in Staples, just imagining all the cool uses for items. I guess you can tell that when you see my classroom.

  4. JoyLuck Says:

    Yes, dear, I can. But I loved what you were doing with your post it notes in that little glass vase, so I recreated it at home!

  5. Sylvana Says:

    I have to stay out of those stores because I buy way too much. But now, I get a catalog sent to my house. Oh no! Hide the credit cards!

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