A Surprise

. . . around every corner.

No sooner did I make the I’m Bored post than Clara decided to strip down to her birthday suit (or “baby scoot” as her BFF Nadia calls it) and try to fit herself into every available galvanized bucket on the deck:

That is one silly goose we have on our hands.

And now it is the time in the show where we do our first ever SHOUT OUT! This is a SHOUT OUT to Georgie, the beautiful 4 month old daughter of our Australian friends, Marc and Jac, whom we met when we lived in Dublin. They’ve made a big decision to move from their cute little abode in the city of Brisbane to the suburbs of Queensland to have a yard and more room for Georgie to grow. Congratulations from The Fishers!

Shout Out To Georgie! from Joy Fisher on Vimeo.

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