An Auspicious Occasion

As promised, here are some pictures to give you a feel for the traditional Indian wedding I attended at a Sheraton in the cornfields of Iowa this past weekend. It was a full on two-day affair. The fan-fare, outfits and colors were amazing, but, of course, the best part was seeing my friend marry his beautiful bride:


Fun times at the Sheraton!

The Happy Couple

The happy couple at the Sangeet

Kevin, Suzanne & Sylvia

Kevin, the best man, Suzanne and Sylvia

At the Sangeet

Me dressed in my Salwar Kameez for the Sangeet

Sylvia, Suzanne, Me, Jessica decorating the groom's car

Sylvia, Suzanne, Me, & Jessica decorating the groom's car

The Groom in his garb

The groom in his wedding day garb

Sylvia, Kevin & Yashan

Sylvia, Kevin & Yashan

Mother of the Groom

Mother of the groom, Chetna


The groom's father, Praful

The groom's sister, Ami

The groom's sister, Ami

Ceremonial Coconut?

A ceremonial coconut

Innocent Bystander

Surrounded by ceremony

Man & Wife

Man & Wife

Thank Goodness It's Done!

Thank goodness we're finally married!

I Second That!

I'll dance to that!

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