Anaphylactic Shock

I love words. And there are a lot of good ones out there. I love the words that just jump in and take over your tongue saying “I’m in charge here!” and the ones that sound like the things they represent (it’s called onomatopoeia – another word I love!) – sizzle, pop, fizz.

I’m really loving the word anaphylactic right now. An-Ah-Fah-Lack-Tick. It describes an allergic reaction and if you say the word out loud to yourself you can see how it sort of rolls around in your mouth and falls down your throat a little bit, like it might get stuck there, especially at the “Fah-Lack” part, and you start choking on it and then you can’t breath and dizziness sets in. It practically creates the anaphylactic shock it’s talking about!

OK, but, there are also words that I HATE. Really despise. Like moist and panties. I’m not the only one with an irrational hatred of some words. My friend Nancy hates the word pamphlet. What is it about the words moist and panties that I hate? I’m not sure exactly. Their texture? I just really hate the way they sound when they are spoken aloud. Something about it is like nails on a chalkboard. I have that hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-my-neck reaction when I hear them or even read them. I have a friend that suffers from coulrophobia and because I just don’t get it, I continue to think I’m funny when I mail her pictures of the clowns I meet around town (ha!). Her physical reaction to my silly pranks is the same type of reaction I get when someone talks about their forehead being “moist with sweat” or how the humidity has “moistened” their shirt. ewwwww. Choose damp or slightly wet, people, please!!

To my friends that read this post, this “revelation” will not come as a shock. In fact, back when we lived in Ireland, a friend (I know who you are) mailed this postcard to me.

There is so much that is disturbing about this card, but the picture I can’t get out of my head is of her sitting down to write this to me, thinking it was funny (which, I admit, it is) but then getting really CARRIEd away to the point of almost losing it. Like, I picture said friend’s husband having to grab her hand and wrestle the pen from her moist palm, saying, “Get a grip, woman!” And her being like, “Where am I? What just happened? I better get this in the mail. Help me up.” And then having to be treated for anaphylactic shock.

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