Apron Dress

*UPDATE: Angela now has an etsy store, yay! If you want one of her AMAZING apron dresses for your own little one, click here to make the purchase!

Now that I have it, I just can’t live without this amazing little apron dress that my friend Angela made for Clara’s 2nd birthday. I mean, she MADE this! When I told her she should be selling them, she shyly mentioned that she had sold a few. I was like, of course you have!!! Because they are AWESOME! Clara is sooooo into playing kitchen right now that she couldn’t wait to get it on. (Um, yeah, did I just say my daughter’s name in the same sentence as the phrase “get it on”?)
Angela pointed out that it could also be worn as a dress with a shirt and leggings underneath and since that’s how we are wearing everything these days, you’d better believe we’ll be wearing this apron all over town!

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