Boom Boom Pow

First and foremost, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Mmm...pumkins taste good!

Mmm...pumkins taste good!

Clara and I carved our pumpkins last night and this little guy will now light our front porch for the trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.


Only time will tell if baby Sydney will be helping us pass out candy at that point or not.  We are counting down the days, hours and, for me especially, the minutes to her arrival. I’m SOOOO ready.

Going to the gym to walk on the treadmill tonight, in fact, and see if that makes her want to “come on down” as the saying goes.  Plus, I have a new playlist on my iPod – Clara’s Playlist – which is pretty great.  It includes songs such as Lynn Anderson’s Rose Garden, Glen Campbell’s Rhinestone Cowboy, the Graham BLVD version of Sha-boom (Life Could Be A Dream), Lady Gaga’s Dance and The Black Eyed Pea’s newest Boom Boom Pow. My kid’s got a diverse musical taste and I love it!

Nesting is mostly done in the house at this point, though it did take over the entire house and was not merely isolated to the nursery. In fact, one of my favorite projects was to frame some photographs that my BFF Nicole took at a farmer’s market in France. I saw them on her blog (here) and knew they would look AWESOME blown up, framed and hung in my kitchen. See what you think:

French Farmer's Market

That’s all for this post; I know it ain’t much, but once miss Sydney arrives I can just about guarantee some more regular posting than I have been of late.

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