Christmas Came On July 21 This Year

As you are probalby already aware – because at least 1 person you know was running around foaming at the mouth last Friday like it was Christams Eve – the 7th and final Harry Potter book was delivered to stores and pre-order residences this past Saturday.

Carrie was going nuts on Friday night in anticipation of it. Chris’ boyfriend, Troy, a UPS driver, was called into work in order to get all the pre-ordered books delivered. (Carrie, you should feel at least a twing of guilt for making him work on his day off!) And bookstores stayed open until midnight Friday night to celebrate the event. Were Suzanne, Kevin and baby Syliva (a mere 4 months old at this point) partying in HP garb until the wee hours?? TSYBB*. In Suzanne’s own words:

Because Kevin and I are big nerds and because Sylvia loved seeing Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix at the first 7 pm showing, we took her to the Harry Potter party at Barnes & Noble. We originally considered dressing her up either as Voldemort in Professor Quirrel’s turban or the fetal Voldemort that Wormtail dumps in the cauldron. In the end, she went as Dobby wearing Hermione’s knitted hats and carrying the sock from Lucius Malfoy. She looked pretty darn cute, so we thought you’d like to see her.

*That’s Something You’d Better Beleive

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