Clara And The Nutcracker

Well, we started the Christmas decorating of the house and yard today and Clara has loved every minute of it. As I pulled out my small collection of Nutcrackers one after the other, all she wanted was to hold each and every one. But, no, that’s not allowed. Clara, I have a special one for you. Wait . . . not yet.

Finally! It was love at first sight, as though it were somewhere written that Clara should have a Nutcracker of her very own:

And she played with it and she loved it. And then her naughty little brother, well, cat, Harry, ran in front of her. As he did so, she tripped over her own two feet and she and the Nutcracker went tumbling. Up she scrambled and quickly ran to her fallen Nutcracker. “Uh oh!”

“Is the Nutcracker okay?” I asked from the other room as I continued to unpack Christmas decorations. “No.” So, I went to have a look. I mean, what are the chances? Seriously, what are the chances that she could have broken the Nutcracker she was given only minutes before?

I can only think that it must be written somewhere, the story of a little girl named Clara who receives a beautiful Nutcracker doll, only to have it broken in front of her shortly thereafter.

Thankfully, mom had her very own little Drosselmyer tucked away in the closet. Better known to some as . . . Gorilla Glue.

And so, working it’s magic on the Nutcracker, we’ve now but to wait until he has dried before Clara and her Nutcracker can be reunited once again. And all will be right in the world.

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