Clara Attacks!

In a world of mice and men there is loneliness and allienation . . .

In a game of cat and mouse there can only be one winner. . .

But where baby meets cat, the line between mouse and men and mice and cats becomes blurred. Only one will come out victorious . . . today.


Our story begins.

An innocent child:

Meets an unassuming cat:

Strangely, the cat IGNORES our protagonist (or antagonist???). This action will not be tolerated. Someone is going to get hurt. Someone else is going to “bring it.”

As if inside the Colosseum, now home to many a stray cat (flashback):

The brave gladiators circle one another. They know it’s a fight to the death. But if a beaten gladiator has put up a good fight, the crowd (i.e. mommy) may take mercy on him and wave her handkerchief (diaper wipe) to save this life.

Today, one and only one, remains standing (on bended knee) — The Victor; to whom go the spoils (milk, unspoiled).

But wait. That look in her eye. I’d seen it only moments before:


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