Coca-Cola, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil & Monkey Pietro’s

It’s been a big weekend in The ATL for Clara and I. We went to the Aquarium and the World of Coke (actually the grass lawn between the two), drove to Marietta to see the burnt up shell of the house I grew up in, visited with my very first BFF Susan and her family, then, today, had a big playdate at The Pietro’s house which included some bounce house fun and a lot of catching up with old friends.

Here we are at The World Of Coca-Cola – sort of:

That was fun. Saturday, I drove up to Marietta to see some old friends and just had to stop by the house I grew up in. I knew that no one had been living in it, but about two years after my parents sold it, it burned down. I wanted to see it one last time, morbid as it was. It was emotional seeing it, as you can understand, especially if you read the blog post I did on it a while back. If you’d ever visited me there, you’ll be interested in seeing these pix.

All that still stands of the house is the carport and the front two rooms – the kitchen and dining room. Everything from the chimney on is gone (that would have been the living room, den and bedrooms):
View from the carport looking through the kitchen door (This was the way most people entered the house):
View from the back. Hello, wide, gaping hole!
It was evident by the debris – empty and broken beer bottles, fast food cups, forks, turned over garbage cans and the like, that more than one group of “hoodlums” and “riff-raff” had had their fun on the turf I used to roam, leaving me a bit nervous in my old stomping grounds and not at all willing to stick around this garden until midnight:
So, off to visit Susan, her husband Matt and her parents for a birthday celebration down the street. I met Susan in pre-school. Her’s was the second phone number I ever learned, so I wanted her to see how much Clara has grown, as it had been about two years since we them last!

Susan and Matt:
Clara, Susan and I – BFF’s always!
Today it was time for more playdate fun at “Monkey Pietro’s”, the house of Nicole and Dan (great friends from high school). It was my first opportunity to meet their second child Lucas, whose only 9 weeks old!

Bounce House Fun for Clara and Sophia Pietro. They were born on the same day about 20 minutes and 3,000 miles apart!:
Dan The (Sausage) Man:
(Seriously, that’s a great little shop in the town of Burien where I live.)

Dan The Girly Man?
Ouch. Dan is a loyal reader so this is so unfair of me. But, he really is THE MAN, so I know he can take it :)

Lucas and I. He’s such a sweet boy (just like his daddy :)
Big Sis’ Sophia is keeping an eye on him. She loves her baby bro:
Also at the playdate was Nancy with her son Jed, now about 16 months, and her newborn cutie-patootie, Meredith:

Meredith looking like a beautiful porcelain doll:
And, of course, the hostess with the mostess, Nicole, playing in the grass with Brayden. Thanks again for letting me stay with you this weekend, girl!
Clara and Sophia hot and sweaty from playing at Monkey Pietro’s:
Dan was kind enough to give the little girls soccer lessons so the big girls could talk for a while. Under his tutelage, the both came away with some mad skillz!
All done!

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  1. David Hamilton Says:

    Oh my God! Your house!! How positively gut-wrenching that must have been for you. I owned a commercial apartment building in downtown Athens a few years ago that burned in 2003. That experience alone was enough to make me sick – and I remember thinking how awful it would be to go through that in my personal house.

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