Copy Cat

This is how Clara finds Poppa every morning, though usually he’s asleep when she wakes up. She runs into the media room and says, “Poppa sleepin!”

The other day, she was in there watching one of her shows. Poppa wasn’t at home at the time. I hear my mom calling me to, “come here!” As I’m following her to the media room she says to me, “Did you set her up like that?”:

I did not. I guess someone just loves her Poppa and wants to be just like him. Not that you need more proof, but:

She’s a fan of those grandpa types. You should see her with Chad’s dad (“grandpa”). It’s his birthday today, I think we’ll have to give him a call this evening.

But, yes, Clara does like those boys. Here she is with Billy Joe, a grandfather to 10, so his lap is well worn in. Clara likes to find it when he comes over:

And she’s got them all wrapped around her little curls.

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