Crazy Frog

I’m aware that one word can have multiple meanings, but I think the word “mobile” might have the most pronunciations for the same meaning. If you are in the States, you generally refer to your mobile phone as a “cell phone” but when you say mobile phone you say it like mo-bull. This, of course, is unless you are in the southern United States, in which case you probably pronounce it like the city in Alabama – mo-beel. Now, if you in Ireland or the UK you would refer to your cell phone as a “mobile” and you would pronounce it mo-bile (as in the stomach fluid).

And mo-biles are HUGE over here, as they are in the States, but over here I am constantly seeing commercials for ringtones that you text message to acquire. When I say constantly, I mean literally every other commercial is an advert for these ringtones and there are only about 3 commercials in rotation.

These tones have little animated animals, like baby chicks and crazy frogs, and other creatures that sing bizarre little songs. Some of them – a monkey and gorilla – even do a fart rap (look at the middle of the page where it says “Mobile Top Lists” in the red box and click on “1. Fart Rap”, once it loads, you’ll get an earful). Now, imagine hearing them at every commercial break on every channel and you’ll know why I’ve devoted an entire blog post to them. They just wear you down until you are singing crazy frog in your head as you walk down the street.

Yet, I fear I really don’t get it (am I old??). Why would you want these ringtones in the first place? They are much too silly. I guess that’s why the brainwashing via constantly playing them on TV. It ensures you’ll have these tones in your head and think, “I have to have that as my ringtone!” It is for a generation younger than me, I’m afraid. And, I’m not altogether comforted in knowing that in the future, if ever I should hear the fart rap as someone is answering their mo-bile, it will make me nostalgic for my time in Dublin.

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