Don’t Worry. Clara Has A Life Too.

You might have been wondering “What in the world happened to Clara Louise?” as it has been a while since she’s made an appearance on my blog. For fear that ThisJoy’sLife was actually turning into ThisJoy’sDaughter’sLife, I’ve just been reminding my reader and myself (are they one and the same?) that I have other things besides the Clare-bear “going on.”

But, truth be told, my dulcet darling is a HUGE part of my life so it wouldn’t be right to exclude her from the blog any longer. This is what the little cherub has been up to of late . . .

Her BFF Nadia turned one about a week and a half ago. So, we went to her party and tasted her cake for her:

Today, she and boyfriend Jack had a date with his Gymboree class and lunch after (chaperoned by Gwen and myself, of course):

See, fun times. She’s got lot’s going on!

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