Eireann*: An Acrostic Irish Poem

Ever green across the land
Irish to the core and proud
Republic for which it stands
Enduring Troubles brave and loud
Ancestry remembered in language
Note the future even through the clouds
Never forget, never say die: their pledge.

*Gaelic word meaning Ireland

2 Responses to “Eireann*: An Acrostic Irish Poem”

  1. Carrie Howell Says:

    I LOVE your poem. One might think you have a bit of the Irish in your blood. Mary Edwards (from Tyee) was in Ireland years ago and she SWEARS that there is something in the culture that is poetic: hence, all the amazing poets to come from Ireland. Maybe you are just tapping into something that you hadn’t before seen.

    You are selling my blog HARD CORE. Now I feel like I have to put REAL poems (and not just the silly rhymes) on the blog. I’ll try to dig out some old ones…

    Keep versing!!!

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Thanks for the complement. Chad and I loved your Husky poem, so don’t be so hard on yourself. You are the one who should be out here writing anyway, girl! So, get to it!

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