Electric Blue

Chad REALLY wants me to post this CLASSIC Icehouse song for you, dear readers. Strangely elusive at the iTunes store, I had to resort to YouTube to find it for him:

Mark and Jac, you should appreciate this. P.S. What’s the deal with all the Australian Olympic swimmers being from Brisbane? Chad asks, “You got some kind of training center there or something?”

3 Responses to “Electric Blue”

  1. Shay Says:

    are you hiding somewhere behind those eyes? i just freeze every time you see through me and it’s all over you? electric blue??

  2. Rawee Says:

    there’s only a couple things wrong with this selection, and that’s a) it’s just horrible and b) everything else about it … Besides, anyone with a pulse in 1987 new ‘CRAZY’ was their ‘Tainted Love’.

  3. JoyLuck Says:


    I just cannot belive the extent to which you are WRONG about this “issue.” Boggles the mind . . .

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