Estrogen Fest 2005

The first annual Georgia “Estrogen Fest” is officially over. Myself and 12 of my closest girlfriends from high school and college were able to descend on Midland, GA (near Columbus) to catch up on what’s new in each others lives and spend an entire weekend without worrying about what we looked like, whether we had mascara on or if we’d even managed to shower that day. It was so relaxing, I’d definitely recommend it to girlfriends everywhere. Those Ya-Yas were on to something and that’s something you’d better believe.

My southern accent, by the way, is out in full force at this point. I only know that because since I moved to Seattle I can hear it a lot better.

See, typically, in Seattle, when I introduce myself as being originally from Georgia, people say, “Really? Because you don’t have an accent.” It often comes out like an accusation, like they think I’d lie about where I was from. Once I’ve mentioned it, I think they try to catch me in a lie or something so they start to listen really hard when I talk. Not too long after that they finally accede that I do say SOME words “kindof funny” (like Ahht-laaan-tuh and Boil pronounced like “bowl”).

But yeah, since I moved I really pick up on the accent. So, whenever my Georgia friends or my parents call and leave a voicemail, I’m like, “Dang, win did they git a Southern ak-cint?” And for the first two weeks after I get back from a visit here, all my Seattle friends are teasing me about how I’m talkin’. This time is sure to be no different.

Honestly, though, I don’t mind. I’m not ashamed of my little accent at all. In fact, having so many people doubt my heritage because of my lack of a strong one makes me a little sad sometimes and I have to wonder why it’s not stronger. I’ve decided it’s because I’m from around Atlanta which is a big city with lots of people from all parts of the US. I mean, I’ve got a lot of Yank friends (wink:) that I consider honorary southerners, one of which was able to make it down to the Estrogen Fest this weekend. (Shout out to Briggs!)

Anywho, girls, if you’re reading this. I had a great time hanging out this weekend. See ya next year! KIT!!!

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