Estrogen Fest Goes Deep

This year, size matters. So myself and six other girlfriends from high school and college ventured to the Grand Canyon for our fourth annual Estrogen Fest gathering. As you can see, we had beautiful views and a wonderful time together:

Queen of the world!
Back: Andrea and Allison. Front: Christy, Gina and Amy:
Fog in the Canyon after a big thunderstorm:
Amazing view and no guardrail. That ledge drops right off!
Gina, Amy, Lynnea and myself at the mule and horse stables:
Wildlife – A condor:
From the tree’s perspective:
More wildlife – Pete, the cyote:
A watch tower built on the Canyon’s South Rim:
Self portrait in the watch tower:
Views from the watch tower:

Below the rim, on a ledge!
Evening sun:
Lynnea and I as the sun begins to set on our last night at the Canyon:
Amy, Gina, myself and Lynnea at sunset:
Sunset at the Canyon:

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  1. Jennifer Vogt Says:

    Talk about good sunset pictures! It looks like you girls had so much fun. I will get to one of these one year!

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