Flat Nellie

The first of our US visitors arrived yesterday. Her name is Nellie. She has a brother Stanley, but I’ve never met him.

Nellie spent about a week traveling to Dublin from Fortson, Georgia. A long trip but she’s no worse for wear. She came with only the clothes on her back (and front) and her little dog too. I’m not sure, but I suspect the pup’s name is Lucy.

Nellie slept in this morning, but it turned into such a beautiful day that we both decided we’d better not waste it in this apartment so we went out to Marion Square, one of Dublin’s oldest and most beautiful parks within the city.

After traveling for so long to get here, Nellie really wanted to stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes. We were at the square around lunchtime and it was full of people. One of the lawns in the square was full of girls, presumably from a nearby Catholic School, and they were all playing and having lunch. Some of the girls wanted to pet Lucy and invited Nellie to play with them. I agreed to take a picture of them all together.

We were supposed to stay off the lawn (according to the sign) but everyone else was on it, so we decided it would be okay (I guess if everyone were jumping off a bridge we would have done that too!) Lucy is a pretty good dog, but you know how dogs are on the grass and we forgot the doggie bags. Luckily Nellie had her purse – ewww, gross! (Not to worry, mom, we’ll get her a new one, I promise.) All in all it was a great day.

Nellie will be staying with us for the next couple weeks so keep checking the blog to see all the adventures we are having!

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