Fun In The San Fran Sun

Clara and I are still in San Fran, headed back to Seattle tomorrow afternoon. We’ve been visiting some old Georgia pals – Suzanne, Kevin and their 16 month old Sylvia and our mutual friend Shay who came to visit as well. There were also a few surprise friends in town, as you will hear.

We’ve walked around the cute little town of Alameda quite a bit, getting lunches and coffee, stopping off at a shop or a park or two. We went into San Fran’s Mission District to the Pirate Store, which David Byrne accurately asserts is “one of the top five pirate stores I’ve been to recently,” and where Yashan surprised me with both an appearance (he works in D.C., lives in GA) and his new fiancee. That was MAJOR considering I hadn’t even been told he’d been dating this girl for 8 months! His own parents (who you may remember meeting in this post) kept it from me. They met her parents the morning this picture was taken with NOT A WORD to me about it! But, I was too excited to see Yashan, meet his future wife and hear of their recent engagement to be terribly upset with him about it. And now, here are the pictures so you can see all this for yourself.

At the park with Suzanne, Sylvia and Shay:

Clara had her first bus AND train rides while in the Bay Area:

Suzanne become a pack mule for the kids as we walked to get ice cream in the city:

Yashan and his fiancee Priya:

Sylvia in the library at her house in the late afternoon sun:

The girls at play in the library:

Suzanne cannot beleive they get along so well!

Kevin and Yashan:

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