Getting To Know You

Clara is not yet a week old and everyone in the household has been making adjustments for our new family dynamic, even the cats. Harry is his typical self and relatively unconcerned with this new addition. He’s setting a good example for Cinder as she is a “scaredy cat” in every sense of the word (ironic since, as her name suggests, she is an all black “Halloween” kitty).

Anyway, here are more pix of us at home:

Except for the cats, we are all dogs in this house – Chad’s a Husky, but Clara and I are Bulldogs all the way:

2 Responses to “Getting To Know You”

  1. Annabelisa Shrine Says:

    Too cute!
    Even Chuck Norris Bows to Clara.

  2. Carrie Howell Says:

    BOOOO! Clara’s a HUSKY!

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