Gum, Squirrels and Tennessee Williams

Last night it was “Girls Night”, so me and my “posse” (read: Gwen, Teresa, Carrie and Teresa’s half-sis, Kelly) got together for an evening out at the Pub followed by TheaterSports.

TheaterSports is Improv (think “Whose Line Is It Anyway”) that utilizes audience participation, like calling out occupations, suggested places, things and other such nouns. They also pull people on stage to act in their scenes. And our Carrie was brave enough to volunteer and ended up in a bizarre but funny scene where she was headed to NASA (and subsequently into space) with her brother who surprised her by inviting her ex-husband hoping they could “work things out.” Unfortunately for husband, Carrie was too busy working on her squirrel in space experiments. Good times, great laughs. You might have had to be there.

Anyway, the theater is located in an alley in downtown Seattle and since there is usually quite a long line to get tickets to the show, people started sticking there gum on the wall outside. A decade or two of this and you’ve got a pretty significant piece of modern art. See for yourself . . .

An Artist At Heart: Contributing to the Gum Wall

The Girls (sans squirrels):

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  1. Carrie Howell Says:

    I’m disgusted I’m standing that close to that revolting gum wall. Eewww.

    But it was a fun night, even though I still feel a little bit embarrassed.

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