Happy Birthday, Clara Louise

Well, girl, you made it to the “terrible twos” and it hasn’t been “two” terrible so far :) Here’s hoping it stays that way. Why be the rule when you can be the exception?

Let’s look back at the big birthday weekend you had: Family BBQ on Friday night and a birthday playdate with all your friends today. Who did we sing Happy Birthday to? “To youuuu!” “Cake? OK.” “More cake? OK.”

Bal-oons! On the run with Dora the Explorer Nadia and Luke at the sand table
Carter: Hmmm, birthdays = presents. Me likey.
Mason just can’t escape his paparazzi Jack and Clara in the ball pool
More ball pool, Luke? Ok. I see you lookin’, Evan.
It’s not a party until someone’s got food on their face! Right, Ava?

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