Happy Everything!

happy everything!

Well, it’s January 1st again and up until this point I’ve been “mailing it in” on this blog for quite a while now.

In the beginning, my blog was called “A Southerner In Ireland.”  That was in 2005, before kids, when my hubby and I were living there for a 6 month stretch.  It was so much easier to keep friends and family in the States updated on our experiences and I found that I really enjoyed writing.

Later, in 2006, we had our first child and I merged the Ireland blog with This Joy’s Life since no longer were we in Ireland and this Joy’s life was a changin’.  I guess at this point, I was one of those “mommy bloggers,” if you’re the kind who likes labels.

During this time, I found that I still really liked to write and I needed to write about my experiences figuring out motherhood and what that meant for the Joy that I was.  This blog helped me figure out the Joy that I am and not too long after our second daughter was born, I stopped needing to write my experiences here so much.

Our second is just over 2 now and I find myself coming back around to wanting to write about my life and what I’m doing these days.  I’m obsessed with design and vintage and creating a home that can’t be found in a Pottery Barn catalog, though I LOVE to look there and covet pretty much everything in its pages.

Truth be told, it was my father’s passing in June of last year (2011) that renewed my interest in old things and junk shops/thrifting.  It’s a complicated thing, but let’s just move on to the part where rarely do I go a day without thrifting and my thrifting tastes are changing with that experience.

I’ve become obsessed with blogs like A Country Farmhouse and An Urban Cottage and am working on my own vintage Etsy shop Yesterday’s Finds.  It’s slow going with a 5 year old and a 2 year old underfoot.  Plus, I live in Seattle and miss home in Georgia.  Winter finds my self diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder doing a pretty good job of stripping me of my motivation to work on my shop or take the time and effort needed to work on this blog.

But, it is a new year, which holds the promise of a fresh start.  And so, resolutions for 2012 include getting back into the joy of blogging here, continuing to develope my photography skills, listing one item a day in my Etsy shop until it’s all done, and cooking one (just one) meal a week for a year. Somewhat random, but there you have it.

And, yes, losing weight is in that list as well, but come on, that’s such a given. amiright?

Happy New Year!  Happy Everything!


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