Headline News: Super WalMart Takes Alabama!!

Having accomplished the goal of putting a WalMart at every exit along every highway running through the state of Alabama, Super WalMart’s are now being built just blocks away from what remains of their predecessors. Total number of deaths are uncertain, numbers are still coming in.

What’s really more sad than seeing a humongous WalMart complex and parking lot abandoned for a gigantic Super WalMart and parking lot mere miles down the road is that fact that I have so easily fallen into their commercial trap. I have spent a total of 24 hours in Calera, Alabama (near Birmingham) and in that time I have passed at least 4 WalMarts within three exits and have been inside 2 of them.

It’s like some voodoo mind trap. I want to despise WalMart for taking over in the nations small town’s, running out the mom and pop shops that give each town some character. I want to spurn them for cutting down our forests and for putting those annoyingly bright spotlights on their roofs.

And yet, I love WalMart. So cheap, so always open, SO MUCH STUFF. Stuff I never knew I needed to make my life run smoother. Coming out of WalMart I find I have a sense of control in a world full of chaos.

4 Responses to “Headline News: Super WalMart Takes Alabama!!”

  1. Carrie Howell Says:

    How can WalMart get bigger? My mind is struggling to figure out what ELSE they could sell. Can you enlighten me? This is truly disturbing, but not as disturbing as French WalMart.

  2. Sylvana Says:

    I don’t shop at Walmart, but i can’t help LOVING Sam’s Club. I’m so ashamed.

  3. JoyLuck Says:

    What do they sell is the totally wrong question. What DON’T they sell? That’s the question you should be asking! :>

    And yes, Costco and Sam’s are great, I’ll admit it. What I really hate to admit is that I’ve been to Walmart at 3am more than once in my life and I’m always shocked at how many people are there. It might as well be a Saturday afternoon. It’s like bizzaro world!

  4. Sylvana Says:

    Oh, yeah! Walmart at 3am is so fascinating! I have been there a few times myself.

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