High On Life

Last night, Gwen, Jenn and myself got out of the house for a mini-girls night. We kept it simple, going to the Wallingford neighborhood for pizza at Tuttu Bella’s and ice cream at Molly Moon’s where EVERYTHING is compostable so Gwen didn’t have to feel bad about the 1,000 spoons she used to sample every flavor they had:

We think the Salted Caramel and Scout Mint scoops we finally decided on were laced with something because we were feeling very silly. Maybe it was just the fact that we had all been trapped in the house with children two and under ALL WEEK LONG while it rained and rained and rained, as though even God himself was saddened that summer has not yet arrived in Seattle.

Following ice cream, we attempted to Forget Sarah Marshall at a discount, but alas, AMC does not accept competitor coupons. So we sucked it up and paid full price, but enjoyed the movie nonetheless. It fit right in with the mood of the night. I think I can speak for all of us in saying it was just what we needed and we still managed to stay within a $40 per person budget for the entire evening!

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