I could go to the beach every day. So, yeah, let’s do that.

I’ve recently realized that since I’m in Seattle for however long (it’s all great EXCEPT FOR THE WEATHER), that I could have that beach vacation I’m craving every day if I wanted to (and be at a different beach each day for that matter).

Well, actually, that beach vacation I’m craving includes sun and warmth. WARMTH! SUN! HEAT!

But still, there are things other than WARMTH! SUN! HEAT! that make a trip to the beach worthwhile, and you have only to take a child to a cold, rocky beach on the Puget Sound to be reminded of that; Things like skipping rocks, collecting seashells, pebbles and driftwood, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, running from said waves as the tide comes in way faster than you were expecting and looking out over stunning views.

So, trying to keep my chin up about it (and wrapped tightly in a turtleneck and scarf), I’m making it a point to try to get to one of the nearby beaches at least every couple weeks. I’ve even gathered up some fun glass milk bottles and wooden bread bowls and copper buckets to house the pebbles, seashells and driftwood we’ve already started to amass.

It’s no surprise then, that I’m totally inspired by this house tour that showed up today on the Apartment Therapy webiste.

So, yeah, the beach.  Here a few pictures from our most recent trip over the Labor Day weekend:







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