i heart jensen ackles

Today Chad and I are celebrating six years of marriage, which makes this post a little inappropriate. Still, the other night I had a dream that Chad left me for Jessica Alba, to which he responded, “That could never happen.” Could. Could never happen??? As in, it could never happen because she would never show up on our doorstep “could never happen?” As in, if she did then, yes, then it could happen?!

Chad didn’t follow this line of reasoning about his response and dismissed me as a lunatic. Therefore this post is dedicated to Dream Chad (to whom running off with Jessica Alba could happen). Hear this, Dream Chad: Dream Joy has a backup in Jensen Ackles, oh yes she does! (Even though, in truth, he’s probably too short for me, so it could never happen.)

3 Responses to “i heart jensen ackles”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Wait – are you cheating on Jared Padalecki with Jensen Ackles? You are totally going to ruin Supernatural, you Yoko, you.

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    I know, I know, T. But, Jensen has been growing on me more and more. Plus, I’m just scarily too old of Jared. Even in my dreams, it just feels WRONG :(

  3. susannah eanes Says:

    LOL Yes.

    My husband is chagrined that the only porn dream I ever had with him in it – was slashing him with Jensen. He’s like “FAIL. You had a porn dream with me in it – and I was with a GUY?!!? Euw!”

    I am chagrined because in the dream – they wouldn’t let me watch.


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