I Met "The Man" At Dixie’s BBQ

Someone is NOT happy . . .

. . . even though we had a great time visiting “The Man” at Dixie’s BBQ in Bellevue, WA today. It was a “super hot” day here in Seattle (it might have hit 80 degress!!!), so Gwen, Carrie, Clara and I went to “meet The Man at Dixie’s BBQ.” The folks who own and run it are true Southern expatriots from Louisina, so this is authentic southern BBQ and I can’t beleive I’ve only just now experienced it!

I had a beautiful pulled pork sandwhich with sweet cornbread, the best potato salad I’ve ever had, 2 cups of sweet tea and sweet potato pie TOO DIE FOR. “Mama” cut my pie for me and the lady at the cash register wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into when I ordered my sweet tea. I assured her, I could handle it – “I’m from Gerogia”.

Well, when “The Man” heard that he said, “Hey, Georgia! Get over here and put your pin in the map!!” So, I did just that. There were quite a few pins stuck into Marietta and the suburbs of Atlanta. Columbus had a heathly showing and even Thomaston had one lone pin stuck in it!!

Now, the deal with “meeting The Man” is that, first of all, there is ALWAYS a line out the door at Dixie’s and The Man walks up and down the line yelling at folks to see where they are from and to help him put honey out on the tables, but more importantly, once you have your food (the process of ordering, by the way, is very “Soup Nazi”-esk), The Man dares you to take some hot sauce.

Yes, The Man walks around with with a cast iron pot of Dixie’s famous secret sauce. If you say you want some on your meal he gives you a toothpick sized dolap and, beleive you me, that dolap packs a walop!! Luckily, I had been made aware of this fact beforehand, so I didn’t ask for more than that – whoo wee!

So, here we are enjoying our BBQ with “The Man”:

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