I’m Bored

Nothing is going on today. We were supposed to go on a big “family” walk to the playground and parks nearby, but it rained so we never got out of the house (except for errands).

I haven’t posted to the blog in a while it seems, so I felt that I should but all I can come up with are pictures from the block party I organized on our street last Tuesday evening.

It was for the National Night Out which is supposed to get neighbors together to get to know one another in the hopes that we will then look out for one another better. I had more selfish reasons in getting to know them which was that quite a few of them have kids between one and five and pool memberships!!

So, I organized an ice cream social; Everyone brought one quart of there favorite ice cream and one topping. I supplied a bounce house borrowed from a friend and the Fire Department came by to let the kids sit in the truck.

It turned out pretty well for not knowing if anyone would come or not. Check it out:

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