Is Sydney the new Clara?

No, no, no, of course not.  But, it may seem like it for a time on my blog because I am SLEEP DEPRIVED and have thought about doing posts a number of times, but getting past the thought stage has proven rather difficult of late.  So, while I’m getting my little act of a life together over here, I think I’ll just post a monthly picture of Sydney (with some possible cameos of Clara) until I can get back into the writing groove.  I do miss it. In fact, I’ve been thinking about focusing a bit on my weight-loss and healthy eating struggles because 1) it is something I’m thinking about a lot 2) they say it is good to talk about your goals in these areas because it helps you hold yourself accountable and 3) I’m trying to come up with a “lifestyle” plan that works with how my life actually works (i.e. going cold turkey on eating out and dessert just ain’t going to happen).  We’ll see . . .

At any rate, here’s Sydney at 3 months:

Sydney 3 months

Sydney 3 months

She’s just turned 4 months as of the 6th, so as the month comes to a close we’ll see which picture next represents her best.

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