It Was A Sign

I’ve collected a few signs that turned my mouth upward a wii bit.

The first is a message that comes up each time you step on your Wii Fit to workout:

Well, I guess that depends on what is meant by “a little different.” Seems to me the last line should probably read: You’d better continue. . . or else. Or else your weight might be “a lot different” next time. In which direction? I guess what happens on the Wii Fit, stays on the Wii Fit.

This next one is from the album of my Facebook friend Robert Vinten:

The Free Press that is not so free. Irony. Can’t define it, but I know it when I see it!

Finally, this one I just saw as I took Clara on a quick wagon ride around the neighborhood:

Dave can dance, dave can jive. Dave can groove??? Right up there with the rest of ’em!

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