It’s A Beautiful Day

Shay and I just got in from the U2 concert, just north of the Liffey at Croke Park. Chad, Sean and Heidi are still there. We all went up around 4pm and scoped out how close we could get without tickets and how much tickets were going for. We could have got tics for 150-200 euro each, but decided to hold out until U2 actually started to play around 9pm (the concert started at six).

To kill time, we did some pub crawling in the area and found a nice hole-in-the-wall-this-is-our-only-option fish & chips place for dinner. Ate across the street on the sidewalk and, after dinner, started pub crawling again. Chad was on a mission for tickets, but Shay just got in from Atlanta this morning and was fading fast.

So, we settled on sitting on a little residential street, with a view of the stadium and within earshot of the music. “Section 800” we called it and it turned out almost as good as The Real Thing – listening to U2, live, in Ireland. Unfortunately, I can’t post the video footage to the blog for you to hear it, but pictures are worth a thousand lyrics, right:

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  1. Sylvana Says:

    Wow, sounds like you had a lot of fun!

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