I’m kicking myself right now for not taking a picture of the line that weaved its way around the Department of Motor Vehicles’ waiting room and up to the door this weekday morning at 10a.m. It was ridiculous! Does EVERYONE work a flex schedule these days or is unemployment at an all time high?

My wallet was stolen yesterday out of my purse which was sitting in the grocery shopping cart while I bent down to put Clara in the front. It was one of those car carts where the front was a gigantic pink car. In the minute it took me to strap her and her baby doll into it, someone snatched my new yellow Kenneth Cole leather wallet. Poop! As soon as I stood up, I thought that I should never have left my purse sitting there so exposed like that and I’d better check that my wallet was still in it. But, really, I didn’t think it truly could have been stolen in that short amount of time without me seeing it. Boy, was I wrong.

Luckily, there was no cash in it and the ATM and visa card I used were from the same bank, so it just took one quick call using the cell which was, amazingly, still in my purse to get them both canceled just like that. Ha, ha, thieves! I just hope you try to spend $700 at Best Buy only to be told the card is DECLINED!!! Ohhhh, are you disappointed? Boo hoo. Cry me a river.

And so, today, I had the unenjoyable task of waiting with fifty million other people who also had business with the DMV. After about 45 minutes of standing in line, shifting left to right, while reading a Smithsonian magazine I had remembered to grab from the car, I was finally in front of the one of two clerks on duty (out of a seven possible they could have had working but choose not to). Here is what the sign next to each clerk’s station read:

Um, yeah. When your work situation becomes such that seven of these signs placed inches apart become necessary, perhaps it is time to do some soul searching. Could the ratio of one employee to every 100,000 people lead to anarchy among the populous? Could it be the length of time it takes for you to do whatever it is you do before you finally, almost inaudibly, call “next” that increases the (apparently) high chance of you receiving a threat in the near future? Do you think the dour faces and looks of “hurry up for the love of God” from those waiting 45 minutes to an hour for a simple but required piece of plastic will somehow put your public in a less intimidating mood?

I’m just saying. A sign like that isn’t just telling the public something, DMV.

Well, at least my driver’s license picture was pretty good this time.

* * *

UPDATE: Yes, well, um, mmm, so I maybe jumped the gun a little on the “my wallet was stolen” thing. My wallet was definitly not in my purse. But, it’s funny, see, turns out it wasn’t in my purse because I didn’t put it in my purse. Instead, I put it in the stroller pocket and then folded up the stroller and put in the back of the car. So, that’s why it wasn’t in my purse when I got to the grocery store.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that the DMV has some SERIOUS customer service issues that need to be delt with.

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