It’s Official: My Etsy shop is open for biz-nass!

My dear friends are so super complimentary about my photographs that I was inspired to combine my current love of photography with my love of all things Etsy and open my very own little Etsy shop selling some of my photographs.

The really fun part has been creating my “brand” and I’m very excited by my presentation.  A number of local businesses here in B-Town have said I could leave some business cards out for customers on their countertops and my husband is the best SEO (that’s Search Engine Marketing) guy  IN THE WORLD, so I am feeling really lucky in this little venture.

Selling even one photograph would be an honor, but even if I sell not one, the process so far has been worth it to me.

Check out my shop – Joy Luck Photography – RIGHT NOW! And bookmark this link, yo!

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