I’ve been lame, but . . .

I know, I’ve been lame and not really done much on the blog lately and whatever loyal readers I once had have probably moved on by now. But, I started thera-pee today, so things are lookin’ up!

I hope to begin again updating the blog on a more regular basis because there is lots going on, like baby #2 whom is due on Halloween – my most favoritest holiday of the year! I fully intend to give birth in costume. Ideas given to me so far: a nun, a member of the rock bank Kiss, woman with baby limbs growing out of her belly. I like them all! I should put it to a poll, eh? Leave your suggestions in the comments if you are so inclined.

So we’ve got a baby’s room to decorate and I will post pictures of that once we decide what we are doing in there. First we must decide if we are going to find out the sex. Chad wants to, I’m on the fence. But, decision day will come in mid-June. Clara will be a big sister either way, but will she have a little bro or a baby sis? Only time will tell. . .

Tomorrow, I leave for a weekend in the Iowan cornfields, off to the Indian wedding of a good high school friend. Punjabi’s and sari’s will abound and I’m excited for my first opportunity to wear both. Soon, if you are lucky, pictures of my adventures will again begin popping up on this blog. I’m back on Sunday in time for a Mother’s Day BBQ and will hope to get pictures up later that evening. So be sure to check back in a few days, . . . or you’ll be SARI :)

2 Responses to “I’ve been lame, but . . .”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Congrats on baby #2! Are there a lot of Indians in Iowa? Cheryl’s grad school roommate is an Indian gal from Iowa. It seems a bit incongrous, doesn’t it? Kind of like a half-Korean in Kennesaw I guess. Enjoy yourself. Happy news.

  2. jennifer Says:

    I am SO happy for you, Joy!!! What a great birthday- Halloween!

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