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jux·ta·po·si·tion (jkst-p-zshn) n. To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

Ex: The hairdo of a 1950’s middle-aged woman juxtaposed with the face of a 7 year old.

10 Responses to “Juxtaposition”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Hell ya!
    Love that do. You’ve not seen the last of you….

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Oh God.

  3. Carrie Howell Says:

    This is the FUNNIEST pic in the WHOLE WORLD! THanks for sharing, Joy!

  4. Sylvana Says:

    THAT is horrible hair! And I still see women wearing that style. Yuck!

  5. JoyLuck Says:

    I blame my hair and my mother entirely – from the cut to the clothing choice :)

  6. Amy F Says:

    Joy, this picture is why I love you so.

  7. Sylvana Says:

    You were hiding stuff in your hair weren’t you?

  8. JoyLuck Says:


    (That’s something you’d better believe)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    What a wonderful invention it is, this thing we call the Internet!

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