Lincoln Park: That’s Just How We Roll

Folks back home in Jaw-Ja, brace yourselves: It hit 70 in Seattle today. Yes, that’s 70 DEGREES I’m talkin’ about. Layers fell off like hot cakes; sunscreen was slathered like butter.

And off to the park went Clara and I with Jack, Gwen, Evan and Jenn:

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  1. Lory Newsom Says:

    Hi Joy, I came accross you site off the B-Town Blog. Your style is very fun…love the photos of little the pumpkins…mine are getting way to big for swings and such since they are 12 and 17. My big question for you is about your site layout. I also have blogger and it seems that I have the same layout, yet I can’t get elements on both sides of my postings, just on one or the other….I just started my blog not too long ago for my art and it truly makes me crazy that I can’t have info on both sides. If you are willing to share the secret if there is one, I would much appreciate it. my site is and am also on the B-Town blogroll. Keep writing….good for the sanity level when dealing with little ones. Enjoy the coveted sun while we have it. Lory

  2. Jennifer L Says:

    The pictures you took at the park really turned out well, particularly the ones of Clara coming down the slide and the profile shot of her on the beach. Your photography skills are getting very good my dear!

  3. JoyLuck Says:

    Yeah! Compliments and Comments :) Thanks, ladies. Lory email me at joykersey at hotmail dot com and I can give you the info you need to make your blog 3 columns.

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