Little Things

If I’ve never mentioned it before, Chad is worse than I am when it comes to spilling sauces and condiments on his clothes. I was seriously notorious for this kind of thing growing up. You can confirm it with my mother, but I don’t believe there was a single day from the time I started school until the time I left for college that I didn’t come home with mustard, ketchup or both on my shirt. Well, I met my match in Chad. Just tonight, in fact, we ordered a (free! can you believe it?) pizza from Papa John’s and somehow Chad managed to spill the sauce all over himself.

I would think it was funny if I wasn’t drowning in laundry these days, but here is what was funny about it. When Clara saw it she said, “Fish” and pointed to the biggest blob on the right. Fish! So, we counted up to 3 fishes on dad-dee’s shirt. Three fishes that mommy will get to work on scrubbing out of there. “Oh boy!”

It is kind of fun to stand back and play the “ink blob” game. Personally, I see one flying fish and a speedboat, but then I’m tainted by Clara’s seeing the fish. Play along and tell me what you see (besides a mess).


On an different note, last Friday Chad and I went on a college date because we are broke right now. This was during those days that spring was supposed to be in the air but it decided to snow sporadically anyway. Chad took me to the UW campus to show me the notable sites – where he took his classes and hung out, etc. Then we went to “The Ave” and found a good, cheap place to eat. It was all very lovely.

The UW campus has this area called “The Quad” that has a long row of cherry blossom trees and to reassure us that spring was indeed supposed to be in the air, they were all in full bloom. It was a beautiful site:

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