Macbook Fun

I shared these photos on my Facebook page a while back, but never got around to sharing them here on the blog.  Let me just tell you, my new Macbook is THA BOMB!

The Adventures of Mac Girl

photo-8Joy and Sean didn’t know that opening iPhotobooth would make them mortal enemies, but that’s just what happened . . .

photo-11Pop this, Warhol! “What was that?” asked Sean. “I don’t really understand this new technology. Why do I feel so different? So, consumed with anger at all things electronic?”

photo-19In another iFlash of light and a loud pop, the transition was complete. Suddenly the four realized things would, could never be the same. Some would remain friends. Others . . .

photo-10Pow! Ka-blam! SuperSean delivers a devastating blow to Mac Girl. Can she come back from this?

photo-21With Mac Girl and friends fast closing in, SuperSean declares, “You haven’t seen the last of me, Mac Girl. Muhahahaha!”

photo-14Can Mac Girl reverse the effect of iPhotobooth on SuperSean? And, if so, can the brain damage he’s obviously suffered be reversed? The outlook does not look good. Find out in the next installment of “Mac Girl and Friends: The Battle Begins!” . . .

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