Memorial Day Excursion

On Saturday, Vonnie, Clara and I drove down to Gig Harbor taking the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to get there.

Let’s take a minute to review its famous history:

Not quite that exciting of a trip across it for us, and thankfully so. By the way, how unconcerned was that motorist who barely made it off – jeez! Anyway, the most exciting thing about our crossing of the bridge was that we didn’t have to pay the toll going in that direction. (FYI, for those that don’t know, the original TNB is now a two lane, one way type of deal and there is a twin bridge next to it for traffic going in the opposite direction.)

OK, so back to the trip. We went to Gig Harbor to visit with Vonnie’s sister Vicki and her husband Jim. See how much fun we had and what a glorious day it was:

From there, we drove on north to Bremerton where Vonnie’s aunt Vi lives. Vi is 95 and you’d guess she was about 70 with how active she is and in how good of health.

And when we left, we headed for the ferry which took us across the sound to West Seattle. It was Clara’s first boat ride and she loved it!

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