So, we’re in ToysRUs this morning exchanging a birthday gift gone wrong. I’m there with a friend and her child who shall remain nameless because as her little darling was getting a bit agitated at not being able to get down out of the cart and run around the toy store, she grabbed a plush giraffe off the shelf and handed it to him. Fran (we’ll call her) explained that she does this a lot and she just distracts him when it’s time to go and puts the toy back on the shelf. Of course, Clara saw Tim (we’ll call him) getting a toy and really wanted one too. And, this happened to be at the exact time we passed by a stuffed “monken” as she likes to say. The kind with the long arms and legs that Velcro and hang around your neck. This is significant because Tim actually has a similar one at his house and when they were playing together yesterday, Tim’s monken was all she wanted to play with and, of course, Tim wanted to play with his monken and that was that.

So, back to the present where Tim has just gotten a “new” toy and we are walking by these plush monkeys on the shelf just like the one Tim had yesterday. Clara REALLY WANTS IT! I had no intention of buying it, but, I figured I’d do as Fran did and let the Clare-bear hold it while we were in the store and then put it back when we left.

Yeah, no. Clara really LOVED her monken right away and each time I tried to distract her from it, she was not fooled. I almost had her at the train table, but we didn’t want to let the kids out of the carts, so the distraction didn’t last long enough.

Well, as we are checking out, she clearly doesn’t want to give up the monken. She did talk about Tim’s monken all day yesterday after we left his house, so I decide that I’ll buy it, then when she’s moved on to something else at home I’ll just quietly put it in a bag in the car and return it to the store in a day or two.

Um, no. She has not let go of the monken yet and is right now asleep and drooling all over it in her crib. See for yourself:

This is not unlike, I believe, the time when I was a wee thing and my brother got a new pair of pants. Apparently, I REALLY WANTED THOSE PANTS and I LOVED them right away and would not take them off for the rest of the day. In fact, the story goes that I slept in them that night and it was the next morning before they could get them off me.
Ah, well, I guess the monken stays. Look at him, smiling there with her in the crib. It’s like he already knows.

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  1. Gwen Says:

    I love it! Thank god for Tim and his monkey or that precious picture would not have been taken. Everybody needs a monken.

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Thanks, Fran! I mean, Gwen!!

    I’m thrilled. Mostly because you actually made a post on my blog. Somebody made a post on my blog!!!


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