Morning photo shoot

My parents really have an absolutely beautiful backyard after a couple years at their new place.  I love how woodsy it is, yet accessible.  The house I grew up in was truely woods, and that was fun, but this is like traditional backyard meets nature preserve.  It’s not overly landscaped which really works here.

Anyway, I’ve been really happy with my photo shoots in their backyard during all the seasons so far and this morning was no different.  All you need are two beautiful little girls, one quilt handmade by your grandmother, her sisters and mother, gorgeous morning light and a camera.  Viola!  I think I’ve definitely got some frame worthy stuff here.






2 Responses to “Morning photo shoot”

  1. Deborah Says:

    The 4th picture down is my favorite! I love the sunlight behind your daughter’s head!

  2. joyluck76 Says:

    Mine too! I have a few others with that light. I just ordered that print as a 20×30 for her room. I like to go big or go home with prints these days. And 8×10 belongs on a desk, not on a wall in my book!

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