Earmarks, Mosquitoes and Bill Gates

If you’ve heard the talk about the earmarks in the stimulus package and it is as frustrating to you as it is me, check this out:

I love that Beck targeted both Democrats AND Republicans in this segment because even if you find yourself identifying with the politics of one side over the other, the “politics as usual” in Washington seem to be the only thing that’s truly bipartisan there.

So the stimulus started at 9,000 earmarks after Obama promised there would be none under his watch. I then heard Biden say in another interview that the stimulus package they passed now has “only 4000” earmarks. 4000 = 0. That’s some interesting math right there. I hope the mosquito trapping earmark made it. Those mosquitoes are nasty buggers!

And speaking of mosquitoes, I just discovered this AWESOME thing called TEDTalks and watched my first one of Bill Gates talking about mosquitoes, malaria and education. You may have already heard about this because he released live mosquitoes into the audience. That Gates is one wild and crazy guy!

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