My 365

I heard about and quickly downloaded a new iPhone app called My365.  And easy way to put a picture a day into a calendar and see what your life is made of.  I’m loving it so far, though I’m having trouble remembering to take the photo each day AND I didn’t start it until the day after my 36th birthday, so half of January is missing.

Actually, I like the idea of the 365 being based from birthday to birthday so you can see what each year of your own life is like.  Maybe that’s a setting I can change? Got to play around with it a little bit more, but expect to see my My365 tweets showing up daily on this blog (and Facebook, if we are friends there).

I expect you’ll be seeing a lot of my children as these 365s are all about taking care of them right now!  I’m perfectly fine with that.  I hope that I can find a way to download or print a copy of the calendar it populates each year.  A neat keepsake that would be!

Below are a couple pictures from our days of snow leading up to my birthday that didn’t make into the app. Enjoy!


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