No Longer Sea-Side

We are back from our weekend jaunt to Seaside, OR with Chad’s family and 3 other families (this is like the 20th year or something!). It was a nice time. I was so relaxed that I didn’t take a single picture. Luckily, other’s did so as I get copies, I’ll share them. Here are a few to start.

Clara and Grandma Fisher on the “Prom.” (That’s the promenade that goes along the water. The house we stay at also on the “prom.”):
This year’s group outside the house:
The background of how this trip started is that the five families started their kids in pre-school together and became life-long friends. Once the kids started going to different schools the families wanted to keep in touch, so they started going to the Seaside cabin of one of the parents, Suzy Osterman. So, here is a picture of all the parents in the group that made it this year – Vonnie & Earl Fisher, Janet & Herb Seo, Dana Ketcham and Suzy Osterman:
Only two of the original five children made it – Jane Osterman and Chad. (Erik Seo and Christopher Ketcham are MIA because they live out of state.)
That’s all for now, folks!

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