No News is Good News

Nothing new or interesting to report here. Thought I’d make a post that didn’t involve a picture of Clara, just to shake things up a bit. Whoa – steady there . . .

Um, what’s going on . . . let’s see. . . Might let Clara spend the night at her grandparents on Friday night for the whole night just to see how it goes. We have a girls night in the works so maybe I’ll have some pictures from that over the weekend.

What else . . . booked a flight home for us in September and a flight to Hawaii for Xmas. Kauia and Maui to be exact. Will be there for 10 days then come back to Seattle on the 23rd and have Xmas with the Seattle folks. Next year we will ABSOLUTELY be in Georgia for Xmas.

Since it is always fun to look at pictures, I decided to post a “blast from the past” picture so the boat keeps rockin’:

2 Responses to “No News is Good News”

  1. Deliilah Says:

    how did you get into travelling? i’m very very interested in europe. what was ireland like?

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Well, in college I participated in a study abroad program for a summer and went to Oxford Univeristy in Oxford, England. It was by far the best thing I did in college and I wish I had done it more than once. After that, I knew I wanted to see more of the world so I took a job out of college that allowed me to travel. It was only in the Southeastern US, but through that job, I met my husband who was from Seattle. Since I had been wanting to travel it was easy to decide that it was worth the chance to move across the country to see where the relationship would go. I made a decision if I got to Seattle and we broke up 2 weeks later, I would stay there for 1 year and learn something about myself. Well, the relationship worked out better than I could have dreamed and I’ve been here 9 years now!

    Two years ago, an opportunity at Chad’s work allowed him the possibility to work and live overseas for 6 months and I pushed him to do it because I remembered how awesome an experience I had back in college. Once you are in Europe, it is easy to travel amoung the countries there because, first of all, it’s really cheap and secondly, flights really are never more than 2 hours. Europeans tend to think we Americans feel we are too good to travel the world because over half of us don’t have passports. But, in fairness, our country is so huge that traveling from the Northeast ot the Southeast or the Southeast to the Northwest is like traveling to a different country in Europe!!

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